Why Do Pianos Need to be Tuned?

A piano is a precision instrument—proper acoustics and best harmony requires routine tuning by an expert technician.

Pianos need to be tuned, even if they are not played regularly, for several reasons:

  • Each piano has about 250 strings, all of which will stretch over time and use. Each string is tuned to approximately 200 pounds in order to produce the best frequency.
  • Variations in temperature and humidity will affect the pressure on the strings. In addition, the wooden sound board that amplifies the piano’s sound will swell and shrink in response to moisture and humidity levels. When the sound board swells, it cannot move and, therefore, loses its capacity to vibrate.
  • Occasional, regular, or heavy usage will affect your piano and cause the strings to stretch. Eventually, the strings will stretch until they result in incorrect tension. Heavy use requires more frequent tuning. Pianos with light use might only need to be tuned once or twice a year, while concert pianos should be tuned prior to every performance.
  • Moving a piano from one spot to another, or from one home to another, will reposition the soundboard, affect the tension of the strings, and/or move the pins. Humidity and weather changes from one geographic climate to another will also affect the piano’s performance.

Whether your piano needs tuned annually or monthly, seek a qualified and trained piano technician for the best and longest lasting results. Trust Robert’s Piano Service for you next piano tuning and know that your piano is in the experienced hands of a qualified expert.

Robert’s Piano Service provides professional, high-quality piano tuning and repair services to the San Francisco Peninsula. All Makes and Models Serviced including Steinway & Sons, Kawai, Shigeru Kawai, C. Bechstein, Yamaha, Bosendorfer, Bluthner, Seiler, Mason & Hamlin, and Charles Walter Pianos.

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