I bought a brand new Kawai GX II grand piano about one and half year ago and the dealer sent Mr. Robert Hirohara for routine service. Robert is a very nice person and very friendly. He take his time to take care of my piano and he is very patient to explain everything to me. He is very knowledge about piano. When he make an appointment with me, he is always on time.

Last week, we had one key out of tune and my son need to practice for his recital this coming weekend. Robert comes right away and fix it. We are very happy to have Mr. Robert to be our Piano service person. We highly recommend him to whoever needs Piano service.

--Hai Loo

Silver Creek Country Club, San Jose, CA

Robert is the best piano tuner that I’ve worked with, hands down.  He’s friendly, punctual and extremely professional.  With the number of students that I teach, my piano gets played a lot, so it’s great knowing that Robert is there to keep my instrument in great working condition.  I love sitting down to my Yamaha after Robert’s been to my studio!

--Craig Lynch, Piano Instructor

San Jose, CA

We, the Congregational Community Church Of Sunnyvale, have utilized the services of Robert Hirohara for several years now. We have five (5) pianos on grounds.  Robert has tuned and made necessary repairs to each and every one. His expertise is beyond measure.  He has always been personable, accommodating, and performed whatever function we have requested with his wise input to solve the issue. Robert goes out of his way to make definite that all our Sanctuary, Chapel, and music room pianos are in the best tune always. Our Minister, Ron Buford, is extremely happy with Robert’s work.  He praises the sound of the tuned pianos, thanking that I continue to keep Robert as our permanent piano tuner.  So, if you are looking for EXCELLENT work… Call Robert’s Piano Service!

--Ann Tzoumas, Facilities Manager, Sunnyvale, CA

I’ve been a professional pianist and piano teacher for the last 20 years and maintaining my instrument is very important, since it’s not only my livelihood but a big investment.  I’m very satisfied with Robert service. He’s not only good at keeping my instrument at its best, but also at giving advice about how to maintaining it in great condition. He’s very knowledgeable and organized, keeping records and letting me know when its time for tuning. He’s also very good at explaining what its needed and taking care of details to prevent future problems. He’s also someone I can trust when I need to check a used piano before buying. I recommend him to my students, and I’m sure they’ll get the best service at a good price.

--Natalia Pressman, Piano Instructor
Hollister, CA

I met Robert working a summer job at a piano store. He came once a week to tune the new pianos, and his agreeable attitude and love for piano was always a joy to be around. Now a days, he is my go-to tuner for my baby grand, and each time he comes over to tune, he has been extremely generous in sharing his specialized knowledge in his craft, as well as generous with his time.. 🙂 Since I have been playing for 13 years, I have developed a particular taste for how I want my piano to sound. And each time he adjusts my baby grand to exactly my taste!- bright but still rich in tone. Would highly recommend this fantastic man to tune your piano.. Thank you so much Robert!

--Elise Kruse, Piano Instructor
Santa Clara, CA

I teach out of my home in Fremont, CA and have been referred to Robert for my piano maintenance needs by a friend, also a piano instructor. Robert has been tuning my pianos for the past five years and I have never had an issue. He is professional, on-time, fair, and courteous and I can trust him to give me honest feedback on my pianos. Whenever I needed advice or suggestions in regards to pianos, he was always happy to help.

--Sophia Vu, Piano Instructor
Fremont, CA


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