Professionally servicing and tuning your piano will not only provide you with the best and highest-quality sound, but it will also protect your piano, extend its life, and prevent costly repairs in the future. How often you should tune and service your piano depends on many factors, including your piano’s and its sensitivity to the climate and humidity, how frequently you play, whether your piano has been moved recently, and even the age of your piano.

Once a piano is broken in and established, it will need tuned and serviced one to four times a year. However, the frequency will vary, depending on several factors. New pianos require more frequent tuning for the first year, and concert pianos are tuned and serviced prior to every performance. For best performance and sound, a piano should be tuned every time it has been moved.

For professional piano service, contact Robert’s Piano Service. Robert Hirohara is a highly-qualified and experienced professional you can trust to restore your piano’s pitch, touch, tone, and provide it with the proper interior and exterior care and maintenance. From adjusting the tension on each of the piano’s strings to create the perfect pitch and harmony, preserving its finish, or providing highly skilled maintenance or repair on its many mechanical components, Robert’s Piano Service has been tuning and servicing pianos throughout the Bay Area for many years.

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