Moving your piano from one room to another, one home to another, or across the country will affect its sound and performance. A piano needs to be tuned after being moved to make necessary adjustments due to changes in climate and humidity, different or uneven floor levels, and handling issues that may cause it go out of tune.

If the floor is uneven, simply moving the piano a few inches could affect its tuning. However, humidity and climate changes that result from moving the instrument are the usual culprits that cause a piano to go out of tune, even if it is moved to a different location in a building or home where there is a temperature variance.

After moving your piano, you may notice an immediate effect on its sound; however, most pianos react to humidity and environmental factors over a period of time. For this reason, you may prefer to wait a short period of time after relocating your piano before you have it tuned.

If your piano has been moved, count on the skill and expertise provided by Robert’s Piano Service to restore its performance and sound, whether it has been moved across the hall or across town. Since 2005, Robert’s Piano Service has been trusted with the care of pianos throughout the South Bay, Peninsula, and East Bay areas.

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