As an investment, pianos are built to last—sometimes for generations. Like any other piece of fine furniture, a piano will age over time. It can suffer damage from moving, spills, neglect, accidents, and normal wear and tear. Aging and other elements can affect the beauty, sound, and quality of your instrument’s exterior, as well as its interior components. Professional piano restoration will preserve your instrument and investment for generations to come.

Piano restoration involves much more than refinishing its outer finish. It requires the skilled craftsmanship of an experienced professional who can disassemble, reassemble, and refinish your piano. It also requires the expertise necessary to inspect, clean, adjust, and/or replace the piano’s many components. The process involves the disassembly and reassembly of each component.

Disassembling the cabinet and bench. After inspecting the wood for damage, they are stripped and sanded. Then they are professional refinished and protected with numerous coats of varnish or lacquer, restoring their original luster, shine, and protection.

Refinish soundboard and bridges. This step also involves sanding, refinishing, and protective coats.

Inspect and restore key covering. In some instances, it may be necessary to replace this component.

Restore the plate. May require cleaning and/or sanding, as well as redressing the plate.

Inspect pin block. Replace if necessary.

Inspect underlever tray. With tray removed, tighten underlevers and inspect felt bushings.

Remove and reinstall cast iron plate.

Install new strings and pins.

Professionally tune the strings.

Remove and replace felt on dampers and regulate dampers.

Reshape hammers and voice.

Tune piano after restoration and again after returning it to its home.

Piano restoration is a time-intensive process that should be trusted only to experienced professionals. Each step is critical to the beauty, quality, sound, and life of a piano and deserves thorough inspection, repair, or replacement. Robert’s Piano Service has the experience you can trust to restore your piano to its original showroom condition.

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