Learn Good Habits for Cleaning Your Piano, and Keep It Looking Its Best

Cleaning and proper maintenance of your piano will preserve its performance and beauty and prevent costly repairs or the need for rebuilding or restoration in the future. Your piano is not only a complex musical instrument, but it is also a focal point that adds elegance and beauty to your home. Whether your piano is new or generations old, routine cleaning will help it looks and perform its best.

The exterior of your piano should be cleaned with a soft, lint-free cloth, like flannel or chamois, or a feather duster. If you are using a cloth, avoid using furniture cleaners that can cause buildup or produce overspray that between the keys and crevices and opt instead to slightly dampen your cloth with water that is free of minerals that can damage the finish. Refer to your manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning instructions that are specific to your piano’s finish, and always wipe the wood finish of your piano with the grain to prevent fine scratches.

The keys of your piano also need to be cleaned to remove dust, dirt, oil from fingers, and foreign particles and/or spills. Use a soft cloth and slightly dampen it with a solution consisting of water and mild soap to wipe each key. Avoid soaking the cloth or letting water run down the sides of the keys. Wipe each key gently and immediately follow with a dry cloth to remove any moisture. Ivory keys should be exposed to dampness or water for a very limited time to avoid damaging or staining.

To preserve the beauty and finish of the wood, establish good habits that will prevent damage. Don’t eat or drink while sitting at the piano, and avoid placing objects, such as glasses or lamps directly on the wood where they can scratch or produce water rings. The use of an air purifier can minimize the amount of dust and maintenance your piano will require.

A neglected piano or one that has not been properly maintained may require deeper cleaning by a qualified professional. Cleaning of the soundboard, interior and under the keys should also be conducted by a professional, as should cleanup after a spill or exposure to liquid.

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