A piano is an investment. To maintain its value and receive consistent use, it needs routine maintenance and care. Regular tunings are required to maintain a proper pitch that ensures your piano is enjoyed year round.

Regular piano tuning is an important part of your instrument’s care. Manufacturers recommend that pianos should be tuned every six to 12 months to ensure proper pitch and an accurate relationship between the notes. Because pianos are quite sensitive to humidity, temperature, and climate changes, some people prefer to have their pianos tuned more frequently, in response to the swelling and contracting of the piano’s wood and components. Pianos should also be tuned after each move, whether it is within a home or across the country.

The pitch and sound of your instrument are paramount in ensuring that students want to continue to learn and is vital to training the ear to appreciate the purity of melody and harmony. Piano tuning is an art that requires practice and patience. A piano has approximately 236 tuning pins, each of which must be manipulated in order to alter the tension of the wire it is attached to. When the proper tension is set, the frequencies and beat rates will be distributed in a way that is pleasing, regardless of the key.

Robert’s Piano Service knows that piano tuning requires knowledge, skills, and years of experience. Call us to discuss your piano tuning needs and set up a routine piano tuning schedule that will keep your piano sounding its best all year long.

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